Under-CDL Mini Rear Loader

Maneuverable rear loader for efficient daily collection routes.

Because operators don’t need a commercial driver’s license (CDL), the vehicle is exempt from Federal Excise Tax* (FET.)  The beauty of this highly maneuverable, non-CDL rear load garbage truck is its narrow, compact and lightweight design, making it ideal for commercial or residential waste hauling routes.

The Heil® Mini Rear Loader features a large hopper that is perfect for residential waste hauling routes, but also handles the occasional commercial refuse container with ease. The hopper’s large size allows for more trash and fewer tailgate cycles, increasing route productivity and providing route flexibility. Another feature of the Mini Rear Loader is pre-crushing in the hopper. The Heil Linkage Packing System pre-compacts the refuse before it’s loaded into the trash body. With compaction beginning in the hopper, payloads are greatly increased. This allows for more time spent on route, and more collection stops.

The swing link design on the non-CDL Mini Rear Loader offers a smoother, more efficient operation. The simple yet effective design results in less maintenance and a long-lasting, reliable packing mechanism. In addition, the single lever packer control handle allows for easy one-hand operation. This process is fast, easy-to-use, and can complete half the tailgate pack cycle with one movement in each direction. This requires fewer adjustments and less overall maintenance. If you are looking for a small, non-CDL rear loader with BIG performance, the Heil Mini Rear Load garbage truck body fits the bill.

* Heil does not provide tax advice. Please consult your tax advisor regarding the specific tax implications of your selected product.


Connect your refuse fleet for service verification, body/chassis data, fuel tax reporting, and route management. Includes factory installed 3rd Eye® Mobile, Radar System, and the ability to connect up to eight cameras.

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Non CDL Mini Rear Loader Trash Trucks

Heil Mini Rear Loader Standard Features

The Mini Rear Loader body is small and maneuverable, allowing access to those exclusive, high-service-price areas that you couldn’t get into before. The compact body size is great for alleys and gated communities.

The link design pre-compacts the refuse before it’s loaded into the body, resulting in increased payloads. This allows for more time on route, and more collection stops.

The simple but effective swing-link design offers a smooth and efficient operation. This design also reduces required maintenance and provides a long-lasting, reliable packing mechanism.

The large hopper allows for more refuse and fewer tailgate cycles, easily handling the occasional commercial container. This increases productivity and flexibility for routes.

The in-body hydraulic oil tank, located on the front of the body, limits the exposure to contaminants and frees space on the chassis frame rail. This provides longer life for the hydraulics, and requires fewer chassis modifications.

The front head of the body-mounted ejector and tailgate valve reduces contamination and frees up space on the chassis frame rail.

The auto-lock tailgate latches engage once the tailgate closes. This worry-free operation ensures that if your tailgate is closed, it’s locked, sealing up the tailgate securely and reducing leaks.

The fast, easy-to-use operation of the single-lever control handle allows for easy one-hand operation. One movement in each direction cycles half the tailgate pack cycle.

THE POWER OF Connected collections

Fleets face continued frustration around their ability to connect with their customers. Fleet owners need better tools to communicate with their drivers – to ensure customer needs are met – while also ensuring they are operating efficiently… and safely. Introducing Connected Collections from Environmental Solutions Group companies, Soft-Pak®, Heil, and 3rd Eye. Together, we’ve developed Connected Collections to help fleet owners make better decisions faster.

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Under-CDL Mini Rear Loader Optional Features

Reeving Winch System

The cylinder reeving system with winch and lip/latch kit provides more route versatility, allowing for smaller commercial containers to be securely collected.

Bayne Thinline Premium Cart Tippers

Outfit your truck with a single or dual Bayne Thinline® premium mobile lifters and reduce the stress and strain on personnel who load the vehicle, and increase route efficiency.

Add 3rd Eye Collision Avoidance Radar

3rd Eye family of Integrated Collision Avoidance Radar Systems protects both your drivers, your assets, and those in close proximity to your vehicle using existing 3rd Eye Mobile camera cables.

Powerful Service Verification For Rear Loaders

Verif-Eye® for Rear Loaders patent-pending technology is the FIRST and ONLY solution to solve service verification issues on those dreaded hand-thrown routes! The innovative Verif-Eye module for rear loaders can now provide fleets with THE solution to confirm service on any type of route.

No more arguing if a stop was completed or not. No more guessing if the customer put out an agreed-upon number of bags or containers. Only solid answers and ease of mind.

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Heil Certified OEM parts are the most reliable replacement parts for Heil refuse collection vehicles. They’re made following the exact specifications and production processes on the same assembly lines as the parts originally installed on the bodies. This means that they fit perfectly every time. Heil uses only the highest-quality materials for parts that last – minimizing costly downtime.

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Nexteligence® Connected-Tech Training, where knowledge and technology meet. Designed to increase the knowledge and capabilities of Service Technicians for the Heil Product Line.

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Nexteligence Garbage Truck Technician Training Program

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