NJPA/Government Purchasing

Purchase your Heil unit through NJPA

National Joint Powers Alliance (NJPA) has awarded Heil Co. a nationally bid contract for “Mobile Refuse Collection Vehicles with Related Equipment, Accessories, and Services”.

Through the Heil Co. Contract (112014-THC), NJPA members can purchase any of Heil’s line of mobile refuse collection vehicles, including automated carry cans from Curotto-Can, without having to create a RFP and send the project through a duplicate bid process. By using the existing nationally bid contract, Members can receive the products they need more quickly and cost effectively.

Best of all, membership in NJPA is free! Qualified agencies can join online via the NJPA website.

To find out more about purchasing Heil mobile refuse collection vehicles via the Heil Co. NJPA contract, please contact your Heil local dealer.