Organic Waste Collection Trucks and Equipment

Leading The Industry With Innovative Organics Processing Solutions

When it comes to waste stream diversion, one of the first targets is removing organic waste from the landfill. That’s where Heil comes in, with our Organics Waste Collection trucks and equipment. Whether your route is equipped with the PT-1000, the iconic Heil® Rapid Rail® or Marathon Equipment’s compactors, we have organics processing options that allow you to meet your organics diversion targets. Heil, Marathon, Curotto and Bayne work in concert to provide fleets with products that tackle organic waste collection and processing from curbside to the MRF and beyond. Engineered from the ground up to capture and contain wet green waste with integrated sumps, higher sill heights, specially designed container tippers and compactors – Heil – and the other companies that make up the Environmental Solutions Group are here to work with fleets to achieve increased waste stream diversion



Organic Waste Collection Trucks & Equipment

Heil PT 1000 High-Performance Rear Load Garbage Truck

The perfect choice for organics collection, the PT 1000 can be equipped with optional features which include: an extended hopper sill, a hopper drain with shut-off valve, extended tailgate seal, body access door seal, an extended body front head plate, and sumps. The PT 1000 has an outstanding payload with a 3-cubic yard hopper and the fastest cycle time in its class to maximize time on daily collection routes. It can be equipped with a variety of container handling devices to suit the needs of organics collection. The one-piece body sidewall is easier to wash and maintain, resists rust and corrosion, and is competitively priced for adding organics collection to your fleet. 

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DuraPack 4060 Split-Body Rear Load Garbage Truck

The Heil DuraPack 4060 is especially well suited to organics waste collection. This split body rear loader features a multi-section hopper for easy collection of both trash and organics. Each compartment has its own dedicated portion of the hydraulic system, enabling different compaction rates to be set by the operator for each compartment. The DuraPack 4060 Split Body Rear Loader was specifically designed to address customer needs for a single collection vehicle that can efficiently haul multiple commodities.

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RapidRail® Automated Side Load Garbage Truck

Heil is now adding an Automated Organics Collection Side Load garbage truck to our unit portfolio. Rapid Rail has been specifically designed to meet the needs of organic waste collection. The Rapid Rail is equipped to be the optimal Automated Side Loader to collect organics in both the Residential and Commercial Market. The liquid-tight tailgate seal, floor mounted sealed bearing packer design, and now with optional reduced packer sweep functionality of the packer paddle make the Rapid Rail the high lift capacity, low compaction automated solution for organics collection. Available only in a dumping model to ensure optimal payload removal of the “solid organics” with an optional 3" hopper drain valve that will allow for liquid removal at specified locations.

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The Curotto-Can Commercial Front Load Garbage Truck Gripper

Specially designed to lift heavy carts, such as those filled with green or food waste, the Curotto-Can Commercial Gripper enables a commercial front loader to grab, lift, and empty 32 to 96-gallon wheeled carts using either outside-or inside-the-cab controls. Eliminates the need for a second truck to pick up wheeled carts, which minimizes route duplication and reduces operating cost.

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MARATHON RamJet 250SC Self-Contained Compactors

The Marathon RamJet 250SC is designed to compact wet waste with high liquid content - the perfect compactor for organic waste. Components are selected for longevity and minimum maintenance, and units are factory tested to ensure leak-proof construction. Rely on the RamJet 250SC to store and transport waste to prevent contamination of public areas in accordance with public health department requirements, improve working conditions, and reduce disposal costs. Odor and pest control is available with Marathon’s Ozone Odor Control option.

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The Vert-I-Pack Self-Contained Compactor/Container

The Marathon Vert-I-Pack vertical compactor is designed to simplify compacted waste dumping, especially organic waste for restaurants, fast-food restaurants, and supermarkets. The Vert-I-Pack alleviates the need for unsightly containers that draw scavengers and vermin. Organic waste stays inside the unit and is stored in an ozone-rich atmosphere (with optional ozone device) to minimize odors and insects. The RJ-250SC and the VIP are excellent compactors for the collection and storage of organic waste.

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Bayne Premium Lift Systems

Bayne’s cart lifting capabilities provide a great opportunity to reduce your trash handling cycle times while also reducing workplace injuries. As a leading supplier of cart tippers for the waste industry, Bayne has been manufacturing cart tippers and lifters for over 40 years. Bayne Food Service Series Lifters are specifically designed as the ideal lifting solution for cafeterias, restaurants, supermarkets, bakeries, and commercial kitchens. Add optional premium Bayne hydraulic actuated cart tippers and lifters for easier loading at the tailgate to minimize back injuries associated with the heavy lifting of organic waste.




A Holistic Approach to Organic Waste Collection

Whether you’re responsible for managing organic waste collection and disposal needs for a municipality of 5,000, a rural province of 50,000 or a metropolis of 5 million, ESG offers solutions to address your entire organic waste stream to save you money by analyzing every aspect of your approach to organics—planning, collection, transportation, handling and disposal.

Our integrated program involves a holistic approach to problem solving, in which ESG representatives work directly with customers to identify their TBL goals and then help them choose the products and processes best designed to achieve those goals for waste stream management. Processes can involve refining the waste stream at the point of collection or developing recycling capabilities that can generate revenue through the sale of baled recyclables. In waste-to-energy applications, this may include applying unique and proprietary anaerobic digestion systems, offered in concert with alliance partners, to use organic waste to generate compressed natural gas for CNG-fueled refuse collection vehicles.