Heil CNRG Tailgate CNG Fuel Delivery System

The safer and efficient CNG tank configuration for garbage trucks.

The CNrG® tailgate system is designed for safer CNG fuel-delivery, as all tanks are positioned at the rear of the truck and away from the driver. The Heil® OEM-installed CNrG tailgate also removes the need for CNG tanks to be mounted on the top of the body, reducing the overall body height by 12 inches for a lower profile vehicle. With CNrG, vehicles can access height-restricted areas and eliminate damage to a top of body tank and cabinet.

Add Sentinel Solenoid System

When equipped, the optional Heil CNrG Solenoid System will monitor and display live in-cab CNG system and tank pressures and notifications on the In-Sight Diagnostic Display. Additionally, the system detects leaks (visually and audibly) while closing solenoid valves of affected tanks to isolate the leak(s).

CNrG Tailgate Standard Features

All Heil DuraPack style bodies are available in up to 90 DGE configurations without frame-mounted tanks. Heil Half/Pack Front Loader and Automated Front Loader bodies are available in up to 105 DGE in a seven-tank configuration. The tailgate design also allows the use of commercial fast-fill fueling stations.

With its readily removable two-piece aluminum covers, your mechanics can perform routine inspections with ease.

The refreshed design features more stainless-steel tubing and fewer hoses. CNG routing is secured and clamped individually to avoid any wear/abrasion caused by rubbing with metal structures or other lines on the trucks.

With the CNG tanks located in the tailgate, weight is shifted to the rear of the truck and lowers the load placed on the front axle.

CNG lines come standard with protective covers on tubes running across the body. Fire-sleeve insulation is also standard on all CNG hoses and coolant lines running from the engine to the regulator (located in the fuel management box.)

Monitor the pressure inside each tank with individual pressure gauges, in addition to pressure gauges located in the Fuel Management Module – which displays the pressure inside individual tanks even if the valves are closed.

ll components and changes meet the latest CNG standards, including tanks approved for NGV2, 2019 certification, in addition to FMVSS 304.

The CNrG tailgate structure received rigorous stress analysis and testing, simulating 15 years of operation before its release.

Discover What Sets The CNrG Tailgate Apart


The CNrG tailgate removes the need for roof-mounted CNG tanks. This reduces the overall body height by 12 inches for a lower profile vehicle that can access height-restricted areas and eliminates damage to a top-of-body tank and cabinet.


The CNrG tailgate features valve-cover plates that enable easy access, with no special tools needed. The valve-cover plates are secured by lynch pins that the operator can twist off for easy access to each tank shutoff valve.


Heil offers tailgate assemblies and tank add-on kits to remount a body onto a CNG chassis. Upgrade an existing CNrG tailgate fuel carrying capacity by purchasing upgrade kits to add more CNG tanks to the truck. The upgrade is available from three tanks up to six tanks on all DuraPack bodies (including the LowRider) and seven tanks on Half/Pack bodies.

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