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Genuine OEM Parts For All ESG Brands

Parts Central® provides Genuine OEM Parts for ESG brands including; Heil®, Curotto-Can®, Bayne® Thinline®, Marathon®, and 3rd Eye®. Genuine OEM parts are manufactured to the exact specifications and processes on the same production lines as the parts originally installed on your equipment. This means Genuine OEM parts fit perfectly every time, and are your best choice for performance and reliability.


Trash Truck Parts for Sale - Garbage Truck Parts

Parts Central carries the most extensive inventory of Genuine OEM Parts covering multiple ESG brands of equipment for immediate same-day fulfillment. Visit Parts Central online or one of our local Authorized Dealers, the only source of Genuine OEM Parts.

Give us a call at 800-528-5308 for complete aftermarket support on all our ESG brands, or order your Genuine OEM Parts today by clicking the button below.

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Enhanced Customer Service Experience

When you combine access to reliable support through our Customer Care service ticketing system, access to detailed information available in the Electronic Parts Catalog, and access to Genuine OEM parts for all ESG brands within our new eComm site, you are guaranteed to receive a leading-edge customer experience.

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FEN-X Python Arm  – Reman Program

In the event of a truck down, every minute you spend not on route is a costly situation. Ship us your tired and worn-out Python® arms, so we can rebuild them back to original OEM specs. Contact us today to see how a FEN-X® remanufactured arm (view brochure here) can get you back on the road to productivity and profit, for far less than the cost of a new arm.

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