Commercial Half/Pack H.A.L.O. Controls

The most significant safety and productivity improvement in refuse collection since the introduction of Heil® Odyssey® Controls.

Every container pickup has a cost. Total Cost of Collection (TCC) is a metric that fleet owners are increasingly paying attention to that correlates the overall cost of the asset, i.e., vehicle cost, fuel, maintenance, tags, depreciation, labor, etc., divided by the number of customers serviced each day. The lower the TCC, the higher the overall Return On Investment (ROI) of the vehicle.

H.A.L.O. improves your Total Cost of Collection (TCC)

By equipping your fleet with new H.A.L.O. technology, you can instantly improve your TCC and gain an immediate advantage over those running a competitors product, something we call the H.A.L.O. Effect.


H.A.L.O. Controls will allow a first day Front Load driver to operate a truck almost like a 20-year veteran.

  • Instant savings of up to 35% on training time and cost adding up to a savings of $1,500/yr/truck.

  • Greatly simplifies container collection by reducing operator inputs by 82%.

  • Joystick-enabled operation for working position means the driver can operate major functions without taking their eyes off the road.

  • The smooth motion of Heil H.A.L.O. controls reduces cab shake and repetitive motions, reducing driver stress and fatigue.

Increase Safety and Lowest Total Cost of Collection (TCC)

Even seasoned operators make mistakes, some can be costly.

  • Reduces container dump times for inexperienced operators by up to 30%, creating savings of up to $1,300/truck/yr.

  • The H.A.L.O. controls operate the arm automatically allowing the operator to focus on maintaining a safe work environment.

  • Smooth functionality reduces cab shake, therefore reducing stress and strain on operators and their bodies.

  • The operator is able to focus on the road with major front loader controls conveniently located on the joystick.


Smooth and efficient operation significantly reduces system wear and tear.

  • Semi-autonomous dump cycle maintains appropriate distances between container and chassis/body components, reducing unintended collisions, thereby saving up to $3,000/incident.

  • Odyssey controls facilitate smoother arm functionality and a consistent dump motion, providing for a more predictable maintenance schedule.

  • Adjustable dump angles allow the operator to optimize the dump position so that losing containers in the hopper are a thing of the past. 

Discover the smart collection difference

Employee turnover is very expensive. The Half/Pack H.A.L.O. controls will lower costs associated with driver turnover by improving safety, reducing operator training time, increasing productivity and helping to retain your existing operators.

Why wait? Make sure to include this game changing technology on your Commercial Half/Pack with Odyssey Controls today.

Note: This feature should only be used with ANSI standard containers

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