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Where Knowledge and Technology Meet.

We are excited to announce the launch of our Nexteligence® Training Platform, which is designed to increase the knowledge and capabilities of Service Technicians for the Heil® Product Line.

We have carefully developed the Nexteligence program to increase the technical expertise of your technicians to reduce repair time for the fleets you service, increase productivity of your Heil products or that of your customers - and provide your technicians with invaluable Troubleshooting knowledge that they can then use to train other technicians.

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Nexteligence Training consists of:

Product Specific Maintenance, Adjustment, And Troubleshooting (MAT) Training

Our most popular training course with over 1,000 trainees in 2019. Training may be completed at either our Fort Payne, AL factory or by on-site events. The revised curriculum includes a student guide and dedicated, “hands-on” sessions for each class. A course completion certificate will be awarded for each product course.

Front Loaders:

  • Half/Pack® Commercial
  • Half/Pack® Commercial w/ Odyssey Controls
  • Half/Pack® Factor
  • Half/Pack® Residential w/ Odyssey

Rear Loaders:

  • DP 4060
  • DP 5000
  • PT Commercial
  • PT 1000

Automated Side Loaders:

  • Command-SST
  • DP Python®
  • DP Rapid Rail®
  • Liberty
  • MultiPack®
  • Rapid Rail®

Related Training:

  • Curotto Can®
  • 3rd Eye® Systems

Responsive Training

Similar in nature to MAT training; Responsive Training is an unstructured, open-format training opportunity which can cover any range of product topics.

Comparison of MAT vs Responsive Training:

MAT Training

  • Supported by defined learning objectives
  • Specific training time per topic based on agenda
  • Course Length - 1 day per product
  • Structured balance between classroom and hands-on experience
  • Supported by student guide resources
  • Focus on using Heil manuals and resources
  • Course completion certificate awarded
  • Supports Nexteligence Connected Tech Certification

Responsive Training

  • Open Format
  • Open Format
  • Open Format
  • Unstructured to meet request
  • Equipment manuals may be purchased, if desired
  • Open Format
  • No completion certificate
  • No credit toward Connected Tech certification

Connected Tech Training

Generalized training to equip technicians with essential knowledge for experience levels from basic to advanced. While focused on the Heil product line, the knowledge gained will serve technicians across a variety of equipment types within the refuse industry. A final test verifies that the trainee has a solid understanding of the material presented. Content is available in both classroom and online formats.

Nexteligence Bronze

Designed for entry-level or “new to the waste industry” technicians to gain foundational knowledge and skills.

Content Includes:

  • Safety, Industry Overview
  • Product Overview
  • Elec/Hydraulic Fundamentals
  • Basic Maintenance Discussion

To Certify:

  • 80 shop hours
Nexteligence Silver

Technicians with at least 1 year of experience working on Refuse Collection Vehicles (RCVs) to gain intermediate knowledge and skills.

Content Includes:

  • Safety
  • Elec/Hydraulic Circuits
  • Basic Elec Troubleshooting
  • Basic Hyd Troubleshooting

To Certify:

  • 120 shop hours
Nexteligence Gold

Technicians with 3 or more years of experience working on RCVs to gain advanced knowledge and skills.

Content Includes:

  • Safety
  • Advanced Circuits
  • Advanced Elec/Hyd Troubleshooting

To Certify:

  • 160 shop hours
Nexteligence Platinum

Gold Connected Tech Technicians who wish to become Master Trainers on Heil Equipment.

Content Includes:

  • Instructional Methods
  • Learning Techniques
  • Comprehensive Technical and Facilitation Assessment

To Certify:

  • 200 shop hours

Connected Tech Certification

The Connected Tech Certification program recognizes a level of achievement for the requisite technical knowledge and experience in servicing Heil equipment.

Connected Tech Certification Consists of 3 Elements:

  • Product Specific MAT Courses
  • Connected Tech Course
  • Practical Shop Experience

Practical Shop Experience

The true success of any training program is measured by the trainee’s ability to apply what is learned in a real-world environment. Each certification level requires that “shop time” be documented and certified by their shop’s Maintenance Manager.

Certified Nexteligence Platinum Technician

The Path To Connected-Tech Certification

The Path of Nexteligence Training


  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum

Mat Courses

  • 2 Products
  • 3 Additional Products (5 total)
  • 3 Additional Products (8 total)

Connected-Tech Course

  • Classroom or Online
  • Classroom or Online
  • Classroom or Online
  • Classroom or Online

Practical Shop Exp.

  • 80 hrs
  • Additional 120 hrs
  • Additional 160 hrs
  • Additional 200 hrs

Each level must be completed in order: Bronze > Silver > Gold > Platinum. When each level of certification is achieved, the technician will be authorized to wear the applicable Nexteligence Connected Tech uniform patch.

Get Started Now With Bronze Connected-Tech Training Completely Free of Charge!

Take your facility to the next level with Nexteligence Training. Get started today and increase the productivity in your shop, reduce repair time for the fleets you service, and give the members of your team a valuable training experience. Nexteligence Bronze training is completely free of charge with absolutely no obligation. What better way to help your technicians improve their skills and discover the value of this state-of-the-art training program.

Let's Do This

Basic Hydraulics, Basic Electronics, + Product Specific Maintenance, Adjustment, and Troubleshooting (MAT)

  • Hosted at Heil Training Center in Fort Payne, Alabama
  • 2.5 day training event (typically Tues-Thur)
  • Travel, hotel expenses not included
  • See training schedule for dates / products
  • Contact your Heil Dealer for pricing and additional details

Nexteligence On-Site MAT Training

  • On-Site at your location (or as arranged)
  • One product trained per day including classroom and hands-on experience
  • Up to 20 students per class
  • Minimum 2 days per event (typically Tuesday-Thursday) For example; a two day event can be one product for two days or two different products for one day each
  • Local site to provide:
    • Training space with tables and chairs for each trainee*
    • Projector and screen for presentations*
    • Lunch arrangements for all trainees*
    • Appropriate truck for hands-on training session*
  • Contact your Heil Dealer for pricing and additional details
(*If not available, please contact Heil to arrange at additional cost)

Nexteligence On-Site Responsive Training

  • On-Site at your location (or as arranged)
  • One day training session
  • Up to 20 students per class
  • Minimum 2 days per event (typically Tuesday-Thursday)
  • Local site to provide any needed resources
  • Contact your Heil Dealer for pricing and additional details

Nexteligence Connected Tech Training

Dealer Locator Contact Your Heil Dealer For Info On Nexteligence Training

Nexteligence training is available through the Heil nationwide dealer dealer network. Contact your local Heil dealer for additional information and pricing on this innovative program.

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