Commercial Front Load Garbage Trucks

Commercial waste haulers face multiple challenges but Heil® commercial front load garbage truck bodies offer solutions for even the toughest route. Our commercial front loaders have the functionality and reliability to make your routes easier and more profitable than any trash truck in the waste industry. 

Heil Front Loaders


The first Heil® Half/Pack® front load garbage truck rolled out of the factory in 1984, and never looked back. Our family of Half/Pack garbage trucks – the Standard, Sierra, and Freedom - are industry legends for their reliability, durability, and outstanding compaction. The Half/Pack Standard has long been the go-to truck for commercial routes. The Sierra is a middle-weight truck, weighing 16% less than the Standard. It has the largest and lightest hopper in the industry, capable of holding 10 tons of payload. The Freedom is lighter still, a svelte 15,200 pounds, perfect for areas with tough weight limits. That means it can haul more than 11 tons in its 28-cubic-yard body. Available in a variety of body sizes, these workhorses can pack up to a staggering 117,000 pounds per cubic yard, allowing them to compact and carry the largest payloads allowed by law. Handling collection routes from Maine to Malibu, these rugged vehicles feature the Heil patented Shur-Lock tailgate locks, interlaced subframes, and double-walled sides, all adding up to the lowest total cost of ownership for fleet owners.

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