DuraPack 4060 Split Body Rear Loader

High-capacity multi-compartment rear load garbage truck

Heil® DuraPack® 4060 Split Body Rear Load Garbage Trucks are a win-win, allowing collection of multiple residential trash streams or recyclables. With the DuraPack 4060 split body rear loader, one truck can do the work of two. And the reduced weight body means enhanced fuel economy and larger payloads on the route.

As the industry’s premium multi-compartment rear loader garbage truck, the DuraPack 4060 split body rear loader is the next generation of split-body rear loaders. By adding the smooth curved sides and the fully welded, interlaced subframe that has become the benchmark of durability for the DuraPack line, the DP4060 refuse collection vehicle combines longevity and functionality to deliver maximum performance.

With a 40/60 two-compartment split body, the DuraPack 4060 features independent hydraulic systems, enabling the pressure to be adjusted for each compartment, based on the type of waste being collected. For example, a higher compaction rate can be used for the refuse compartment, while a lower compaction rate can be selected for recyclables to minimize breakage. Why have multiple rear loaders on your route when a Heil Split Body DuraPack 4060 garbage truck can do the same amount of work in less time?

The DuraPack 4060 is as functional as it is durable. Operators around the world appreciate the convenient one-handed manual packing controls that enable them to stop, start, or reverse either the upper panel or the sweep panel at any point in the packing cycle. With a simple two-step cycle that reloads in just six to eight seconds, and a complete cycle time of 16 to 18 seconds, it gets them through their routes quickly. (Cycle time varies based on pump application.)


Connect your refuse fleet for service verification, body/chassis data, fuel tax reporting, and route management. Includes factory installed 3rd Eye® Mobile, Radar System, and the ability to connect up to eight cameras.

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Split Body Rear Load Trash Trucks

DuraPack 4060 Rear Loader Standard Features

Manual control valves are equipped under both sides of the front head of the body, allowing the operator to raise/lower the tailgate and operate the ejector with the simple pull of a handle. There is also a manually locking lever that prevents the inadvertent actuation of the tailgate and ejector functions.

Our exclusive, fully welded, interlaced subframe provides exceptional longevity, while resisting abrasion, corrosion, and salt damage. The body is constructed of 7-8 ga. high tensile strength steel, while the hopper features 1⁄4″ thick AR400 steel on the floor, and 3⁄16″ thick AR400 steel on the sides for superior strength and durability

Auto-lock tailgate latches engage when the tailgate closes. This enhanced safety feature reduces the likelihood of injuries, and is quicker and safer than manual tailgate locks.

Push-button controls are easy to operate, with better ergonomics for the operator, providing increased flexibility of operation. System shut-offs are located on each side of the tailgate and each gate’s packing mechanisms can be operated from either side, allowing the operator to stay out of the street.

The DuraPack 4060 is brilliantly designed to have an optimized weight, without sacrificing strength and durability. The result is a perfect combination of dependability and increased payload. Greater route productivity delivers the lowest Total Cost of Collection.

In addition to having lighter body weight, the ultra-durable DuraPack 4060 has the compaction power to easily handle multiple waste streams. Increased payload and route productivity mean lower operating costs, and a better bottom line.

The DuraPack 4060 dual-bin design allows for collection of trash and recyclables, or any two different waste streams, eliminating the need for multiple vehicles/operators on your two-stream routes.

The DuraPack 4060 provides two bodies in one durable, reduced weight vehicle. Its independent hydraulics allow for different compaction rates for each compartment. Handle multiple commodities with ease, increase your productivity, and reduce costs!

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Fleets face continued frustration around their ability to connect with their customers. Fleet owners need better tools to communicate with their drivers – to ensure customer needs are met – while also ensuring they are operating efficiently… and safely. Introducing Connected Collections from Environmental Solutions Group companies, Soft-Pak®, Heil, and 3rd Eye. Together, we’ve developed Connected Collections to help fleet owners make better decisions faster.

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DuraPack 4060 Optional Features

Bayne Thinline Premium Cart Tippers

Outfit your truck with a single or dual Bayne Thinline® premium mobile lifters and reduce the stress and strain on personnel who load the vehicle, and increase route efficiency.

Roof Or Front Of Body CNG System

This system enables CNG refuse fleets to deliver the same productivity expected from a diesel unit, while saving money with clean, domestic, compressed natural gas as fuel.

Add 3rd Eye Collision Avoidance Radar

3rd Eye family of Integrated Collision Avoidance Radar Systems protects both your drivers, your assets, and those in close proximity to your vehicle using existing 3rd Eye Mobile camera cables.

Powerful Service Verification For Rear Loaders

Verif-Eye® for Rear Loaders’ patent-pending technology is the FIRST and ONLY solution to solve service verification issues on those dreaded hand-thrown routes! The innovative Verif-Eye module for rear loaders can now provide fleets with THE solution to confirm service on any type of route.

No more arguing if a stop was completed or not. No more guessing if the customer put out an agreed-upon number of bags or containers. Only solid answers and ease of mind.

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Heil Certified OEM parts are the most reliable replacement parts for Heil refuse collection vehicles. They’re made following the exact specifications and production processes on the same assembly lines as the parts originally installed on the bodies. This means that they fit perfectly every time. Heil uses only the highest-quality materials for parts that last – minimizing costly downtime.

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Nexteligence® Connected-Tech Training, where knowledge and technology meet. Designed to increase the knowledge and capabilities of Service Technicians for the Heil Product Line.

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Nexteligence Garbage Truck Technician Training Program

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