Command-SST H.A.L.O. controls

The most significant safety and productivity improvement in refuse collection since the introduction of Heil® Odyssey® Controls.

Every container pickup has a cost. Total Cost of Collection (TCC) is a metric that fleet owners are increasingly paying attention to that correlates the overall cost of the asset, i.e., vehicle cost, fuel, maintenance, tags, depreciation, labor, etc., divided by the number of customers serviced each day. The lower the TCC, the higher the overall Return On Investment (ROI) of the vehicle.

H.A.L.O. improves your Total Cost of Collection (TCC)

By equipping your fleet with new H.A.L.O. technology, you can instantly improve your TCC and gain an immediate advantage over those running a competitors product, something we call the H.A.L.O. Effect.


H.A.L.O. Controls will allow a first-day Side Load driver to operate a truck almost like a 20-year veteran.

  • Training time that normally takes weeks, now only takes days.

  • Greatly simplifies cart collection by reducing operator inputs by 75%.

  • Once the H.A.L.O. sensors verify that the cart is within range, one push of a button will extend the arm, grab the cart, dump and un-dump it, place the cart where it was found, then retract the arm back to the stow position.

  • The semi-autonomous functionality can even raise your average driver productivity on their daily route.

Increase Safety and Driver Ergonomics

Even seasoned operators make mistakes, some can be costly.

  • Semi-autonomous controls reduce cart knockdowns, keeping the operator safely in the cab.
  • The H.A.L.O. controls operate the arm automatically, allowing the operator to focus on maintaining a safe work environment.
  • Smooth functionality and operation reduces cab shake, therefore reducing stress and strain on operators and their bodies.
  • Optional Heads Up Display (H.U.D.) allows operators to keep their eyes forward and focused on their working environment.


Smooth and efficient operation significantly reduces system wear and tear.

  • Semi-autonomous dump cycle maintains a smooth motion throughout the dump cycle
  • Semi-autonomous controls can reduce cart damage and loss, leading to savings of up to $5,000/yr/truck.
  • Reduced cart knockdowns keep the operator in the cab, leading to increased productivity and a savings of up to $8,000/yr/truck.
HALO HUD heads up display for Command SST sideload garbage truck

Optional Heads Up Display (HUD)

With H.A.L.O. – we’ve utilized the same technology used in fighter aircraft to allow our ASL operators to operate the Command-SST without taking their eyes off the road – making for a safer operator – and a more confident driver. With the optional Heads-Up Display, the operator merely has to move the vehicle until the cart appears in between the superimposed guidelines that appear on the HUD. Once there – the operator only needs to press a single button on the joystick and the Command-SST arm will automatically grab the cart, dump it, and return it to where it was found. Simple right? But it gets even better. If you have the Optional Foot Switch Controls, the operator can engage the cart dump sequence with the press of a simple foot switch. Eyes remain forward – and both hands remain on the steering wheel. That’s a level of technology that only Heil brings to the table.”

Optional Foot Switch controls

In addition to standard joystick functionality, H.A.L.O. is also available in Optional Foot Switch Controls and can be added to the Outside Cab Controls. With the optional foot switch buttons – your driver positions the Command-SST like before – but instead of pushing the button on the H.A.L.O. equipped joystick, they simply press and hold the far-left foot switch and let H.A.L.O. grab the cart, dump it, and replace it exactly where it was found. That way your operator’s eyes are always forward, with both hands on the wheel. If the operator encounters stubborn cardboard or wet waste, pressing the right foot switch engages the unique rotary actuator – which shakes the can – to dislodge the contents into the hopper. With the combination of H.A.L.O. and the unique rotary actuator, that is only offered on the Heil Command-SST, you have unrivaled safety, productivity, and operator confidence on day one. If equipped with the Optional Heads-Up Display, the operator merely has to move the vehicle until the cart appears in between the superimposed guidelines that appear on the HUD, and then the H.A.L.O. Foot Switch Controls takes it from there. No moving the joystick. No craning to see the can in the mirror. Just productivity.

Autonomous Sideloader garbage truck HALO foot controls

Discover the smart collection difference

Employee turnover is very expensive. The Command-SST H.A.L.O. controls will lower costs associated with driver turnover by improving safety, reducing operator training time, increasing productivity, operator driving time, driver comfort, and helping to retain your existing operators.

Why wait? Make sure to include this game-changing technology on your Command-SST automated side loader today.

Note: This feature should only be used with ANSI compliant carts.

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Command SST Automated Sideloader HALO option

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