PT1100 Rear Loader

The high-performance, high payload rear-load garbage truck with fastest cycle time in its class.

The Heil® PT1100 will reset your expectations about mid-range rear-loaders. Built on the PT1000 platform, with its design having 20 years experience, the PT1100, is a proven refuse collection vehicle that delivers the fastest cycle time in its class, an outstanding payload, and a high-capacity hopper. It also fits comfortably into today’s increasingly restricted budgets.


Connect your PT1100 rear-load garbage truck and other vehicles in your fleet for service verification, body/chassis data, fuel tax reporting, and route management. Includes factory installed 3rd Eye® Mobile, Radar System, and the ability to connect up to eight cameras.

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PowerTrak Commercial In Cab display screen

In-Sight Display

The Heil In-Sight Display provides enhanced troubleshooting capabilities that can all be performed from within the safety of the cab. The recently upgraded remote mobile controller eliminates the need for a (PDC) box. The mobile controller provides two-way communications, and critical information directly to the display, eliminating relays and associated failures. Operators can even adjust the hydraulic detent valve pressures from the cab, which means no more climbing on the tailgate while dealing with outside hazards. This new design also allows operators to perform the functions related to ejecting the payload from the safety of the cab. By simply using the Heil In-Sight Display, the operator can safely and efficiently unlock and open the tailgate, eject the payload, plus lower and lock the tailgate, all from the driver’s seat. In addition, standard in-cab body operation switches are now conveniently located within the Heil In-Sight Display. This enhanced design allows for future additions, which in the past would have required the addition of an inconveniently placed auxiliary switch, on an already crowded dash.

Heil PT1100 Rear Load Trash Truck Specifications

Heil PT1100 Rear Loader Standard Features

With the fastest cycle time in its class, the proven PT1100 can maximize your efficiency on daily collection routes.

Easy-to-access UHMW wear parts can enable longer component life, while attaining the lowest total cost of collection.

Shur-Lock style tailgate locks are a standard feature, and enable the tailgate to be locked with the literal touch of a finger. The driver can simply use the in-cab Heil In-Sight Display to secure the tailgate from the driver’s seat, for a worry-free secure system.

Our three-micron filtration system keeps hydraulic oil cleaner and extends the life of the hydraulic components. Other manufacturers use 10-micron filtration, which can allow particulate matter to damage the hydraulic system.

The standard in-body hydraulic oil tank location allows for easier mounting of the unit, and frees up valuable frame rail space. This means fewer chassis interface issues or costly chassis modifications, while also lessening the oil tank’s exposure to contamination.

Powerful Service Verification For Rear Loaders

Verif-Eye® for Rear Loaders’ patent-pending technology is the FIRST and ONLY solution to solve service verification issues on those dreaded hand-thrown routes! The innovative Verif-Eye module for rear loaders can now provide fleets with THE solution to confirm service on any type of route.

No more arguing if a stop was completed or not. No more guessing if the customer put out an agreed-upon number of bags or containers. Only solid answers and ease of mind.

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Discover what sets the PT1100 apart


When it comes to mid-size rear-loaders, the PT1100 offers a large 3.0 cubic-yard hopper that is key to optimizing productivity and easily handles bulky waste materials found in today’s refuse collection applications.

Under-Body Rail Mounting System

The under-body rail system allows for easy bolt-on mounting of components (toolboxes, fire extinguishers, mud guards, etc.) on the unit. This clears up valuable frame rail space, and means less chassis interface issues or costly chassis modifications.

Push-Button Controls

Easy-to-read and understand push-button controls are standard on the curbside, and can also be mounted on the streetside of the tailgate. You can now easily control the packer, tipper, reever, and roll bar operations with the push of a button.

PT1100 in cab rearload payload ejection control panel

In-Cab Payload Ejection

Operators can now use the In-Sight Display to safely and efficiently operate standard body functions. With all in-cab body switches being moved to the In-Sight Display, constant modification and future additions are possible. The In-Sight Display enhancement also allows for troubleshooting from the safety of the cab.

THE POWER OF Connected collections

Fleets face continued frustration around their ability to connect with their customers. Fleet owners need better tools to communicate with their drivers – to ensure customer needs are met – while also ensuring they are operating efficiently… and safely. Introducing Connected Collections from Environmental Solutions Group companies, Soft-Pak®, Heil, and 3rd Eye. Together, we’ve developed Connected Collections to help fleet owners make better decisions faster.

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PT1100 Optional Features

Commercial Capabilities

With one of the optional commercial packages, the PT1000 can easily handle commercial containers. Packages can include a reeving system, winch, or roll bar coupled with a lip and latch kit.

Bayne Thinline® Premium Cart Tippers

Outfit your truck with single or dual Bayne Thinline premium mobile lifters to reduce the stress and strain on personnel who manually load the vehicle, and increase route efficiency.

Roof Or Front Of Body CNG System

These systems enables your CNG refuse fleet to deliver the same productivity you would expect from a diesel unit while saving money with clean, domestic, compressed natural gas fuel.


Heil Certified OEM parts are the most reliable replacement parts for Heil refuse collection vehicles. They’re made following the exact specifications and production processes on the same assembly lines as the parts originally installed on the bodies. This means that they fit perfectly every time. Heil uses only the highest-quality materials for parts that last – minimizing costly downtime.

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Nexteligence© Connected-Tech Training, where knowledge and technology meet. Designed to increase the knowledge and capabilities of Service Technicians for the Heil Product Line.

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