Rapid Rail Continuous-Pack Side Loader

Setting the standard for side load garbage truck performance.

No one has more experience with automated refuse collection than Heil®, and no automated product has a longer track record than the Heil Rapid Rail® automated side loader. More than 30 years after its introduction, the Rapid Rail continues to be the standard to which all others are compared. The Rapid Rail lift arm’s lengthy reach, fast cycle times, continuous packing big swing paddle, and solid lightweight structural design make it a highly productive and efficient automated collection choice for large and small fleets alike.


Connect your Rapid Rail side-load garbage truck and other vehicles in your fleet for service verification, body/chassis data, fuel tax reporting, and route management. Includes factory installed 3rd Eye® Mobile, Radar System, and the ability to connect up to eight cameras.

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Rapid Rail Sideload Garbage Trucks

Heil Rapid Rail Automated Side Loader Standard Features

The patented Rapid Rail paddle packer continuously sweeps the hopper, eliminating the need to stop and pack the load, as well as the need to clean out debris from behind the packer. This keeps the hopper clear, free of bridged loads, and ready to accept container contents.

New materials and welding procedures, better spline design, increased upper and lower bearing size, and replaceable engineered plastic bearing between lower bearing housing and actuator plate all result in increased paddle life by 2X from the legacy design.

The packer shaft seal redesign virtually eliminates leaks, and is also easily replaceable when service is needed. This new design also keeps the bottom bearing clean, preventing corrosive leachate from getting on the lower bearing as well as the actuator.

New hard-tube lube lines to the upper and lower bearings assure that grease can easily be applied from ground level.

Because the lift geometry provides a direct line to the hopper, there is no “kick-out” as seen with other systems, enabling the Rapid Rail to get in and out of tight spaces easily

Made from specially formulated, high-strength, low-alloy steel, the Rapid Rail features superior hardened grabber gears that virtually eliminate gear wear. The gears are splined to the grabber shafts and can be cycled up to 1,000,000 times with virtually no evidence of wear.

The Heil Operate-in-Gear-at-Idle System comes standard. It is designed to help you finish routes faster. This saves up to one gallon of fuel per hour, while reducing wear on the lift assembly, chassis, engine, and transmission. Plus, it greatly reduces noise — a benefit to operators and customers alike.

Hydraulic cylinders are installed in Service Smart locations to make them readily accessible from the ground for easy maintenance. The twin packer cylinders are located under the body to help protect them from refuse abrasion. While other bodies need four cylinders to raise, lower, and lock the tailgate, the Rapid Rail uses only two.

The Rapid Rail has a patented rotating packer design that continuously sweeps the hopper and packs the load, so the operator can keep collecting without stopping to cycle the packer. Because there is no packer panel to slide into the body, there are also no shoes, guide tracks, or guide rails to wear out – and you never have to clean out behind the packer.

The Rapid Rail offers outstanding visibility for operators, enabling them to drive from the preferred left-hand side of the truck, and provides flexibility in selecting a cab style; either cab-over or conventional styles are compatible.

The “brain” of our system is the rugged mobile controller. This brilliant innovation provides unbeatable intelligence and precise control. Placing the mobile controller in a protected location gives us the intelligence we need and the durability our customers demand, resulting in less downtime, ease of service, and unmatched simplicity of operation.

The Rapid Rail automated lift arm can efficiently handle containers from 30 gallons up to 300 gallons, making it an ideal solution for commercial and residential applications. The redesigned lift features a six-roller carriage that distributes the load evenly across the arm, greatly increasing its life.

Improved Big Swing design increases paddle life by 2X from the previous version. The newly designed packer shaft seal also virtually eliminates leaks. Hard tube lines to upper and lower bearings allow grease to be applied from the ground level.

Select-O-Pack allows an operator to set a predetermined number of lift cycles before the auto-pack sequence is engaged. This feature helps to extend the life of the paddle packer.

The solidly designed lightweight body allows for a more optimal payload, and is ideal for areas with stringent weight restrictions.

THE POWER OF Connected collections

Fleets face continued frustration around their ability to connect with their customers. Fleet owners need better tools to communicate with their drivers – to ensure customer needs are met – while also ensuring they are operating efficiently… and safely. Introducing Connected Collections from Environmental Solutions Group companies, Soft-Pak®, Heil, and 3rd Eye. Together, we’ve developed Connected Collections to help fleet owners make better decisions faster.

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Rapid Rail Optional Features

Add 300-Gallon Grabbers

The lift can efficiently handle containers from 30 gallons up to 300 gallons, making it an ideal solution for mixed routes with both commercial and residential applications.

Rooftop CNG Storage

Our system enables your CNG refuse fleet to deliver the same productivity you would expect from a diesel unit while saving money with clean, domestic, compressed natural gas fuel.

Add 3rd Eye Digital Packages

Connect for service verification, body/chassis data, fuel tax reporting, and route management. Includes factory installed 3rd Eye Mobile, with the ability to connect up to eight cameras.

Genuine OEM Garbage Truck Parts

Heil Certified OEM parts are the most reliable replacement parts for Heil refuse collection vehicles. They’re made following the exact specifications and production processes on the same assembly lines as the parts originally installed on the bodies. This means that they fit perfectly every time. Heil uses only the highest-quality materials for parts that last – minimizing costly downtime.
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Nexteligence Garbage Truck Technician Training Program

Nexteligence® Connected-Tech Training, where knowledge and technology meet. Designed to increase the knowledge and capabilities of Service Technicians for the Heil Product Line.

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