Automated Side Load Garbage Trucks

With lift capacities up to 1,600 pounds, cycle times as short as eight seconds, and arms reaching up to nine feet, Heil® lightweight automated side load garbage trucks result in the lowest Total Cost of Collection (TCC). Our side loaders use the most innovative technology available in the waste industry (and the neighborhood).


The Best Side Load Garbage Trucks In The Business

With their long reaches and superhero-level strength, The Heil automated side loaders are MVPs in any commercial or residential fleet. The 24-yard MultiPack® is the industry’s only combination side-loader and rear-loader, outfitted with a Python® arm and a DuraPack 5000 tailgate. The Liberty comes in seven different body sizes, has a 9-foot reach, an 8-second cycle time, and can lift 800 pounds. Need more muscle? The Rapid Rail® has a whopping 1,600-pound lift capacity and also sports the industry’s lightest-weight body. The DuraPack® Rapid Rail has the same strong arm and short, 8-second cycle time, along with the legendary DuraPack body. For saving time and money on residential routes, the DuraPack Python is strong, fast, and smooth, with a lift capacity of 800 pounds and a compaction rate of 900 pounds per cubic yard. Heil automated side loaders are the products of years of innovation and engineering excellence, superstars on busy city streets and quiet neighborhood cul-de-sacs.