LowRider Commercial Front Loader

High-Productivity Front–load Garbage Truck With A Low-Profile Attitude

The new Heil® Half/Pack® LowRider® delivers both residential and commercial performance that will change the way fleet owners define productivity and safety.

Low height of an ASL – all the benefits of an AFL

Low Profile Frontload Garbage Truck Comparison

Lower height = Greater Access

LowRider AFLs are ideal for residential routes with overhead obstructions such as utility lines, established trees, etc., providing the lower body height of an ASL with the unmatched low Curotto-Can® dump height.

Increased productivity / Payload

LowRider comes standard with the Lightning Cylinder package, reducing dump cycle time by five seconds. Lighter weight body allows for greater payload and less chassis component wear (brakes, tires, etc.)


The legendary line of Heil front load garbage trucks are also available in ultra-efficient automated collection models. Equipped with The Curotto-Can automated carry can, automated front loaders allow for the collection of both commercial and residential waste with a single garbage truck.

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LowRider Commercial Frontload Trash Trucks

Heil Half/Pack LowRider Standard Features

Fully-enclosed up to 19″ from the bottom of the hopper floor, to the bottom of the arc-sensor opening. This reduces the chance of waste water escaping from the body onto the chassis components.

Odyssey® Controls feature a refined hydraulic and electronic control system for maximum efficiency, reliability, and precise control. This results in increased productivity, reduced downtime, and lower operating costs.

When you’re stuck in the shop, you’re not making money. The Half/Pack features our Service Smart design, which simplifies routine maintenance and helps keep you away from the shop and out servicing your customers.

Our exclusive “clean front head” relocates the hydraulic body valve from the front head to under the side of the body. This design reduces the influence of engine heat on the hydraulic components, as well as improving access to the valve bodies. This also means improved safety and reliability, all while reducing downtime.

Use of zinc-plated hydraulic tubes reduces hydraulic leak-causing corrosion, lessening the frequency with which components need to be replaced over the life of the body. This reduces maintenance and downtime costs.

Lightning Cylinder package lessens container dump times by up to five seconds per dump, which equals a productivity savings of $2,083 per truck per year.

Standard 7″ In-Sight Display provides real-time feedback, as well as optimal operator control. Operator can look to one place for all of the information they need on the body. Also, the In-Sight Display offers maintenance personnel advanced troubleshooting features. 3rd Eye camera feeds are also integrated into the display, thus eliminating the need for a separate camera monitor, freeing up line of sight and cab space.

Quickly and easily diagnose problems away from outside hazards and weather. On-board diagnostic tools make troubleshooting a breeze.

Easy to read and understand touch button body, packer, pump and lighting controls with indicator lights come standard.

Lightweight aluminum cab shield with rigid steel frame and aluminum top door increases longevity, dependability and payload without sacrificing strength.

Connected Collections Waste Fleet Technology

THE POWER OF Connected collections

Fleets face continued frustration around their ability to connect with their customers. Fleet owners need better tools to communicate with their drivers – to ensure customer needs are met – while also ensuring they are operating efficiently… and safely. Introducing Connected Collections® from Environmental Solutions Group companies, Soft-Pak®, Heil, and 3rd Eye. Together, we’ve developed Connected Collections to help fleet owners make better decisions faster.

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CNrG Tailgate

The lower profile, fully integrated CNrG tailgate fuel delivery system will revolutionize the way you use CNG garbage trucks. Capable of holding up to six CNG tanks with a total capacity of 90 DGE.


Optional rodent-resistant wiring harnesses are completely encapsulated in woven loom, greatly reducing down time from chewed wires.

8000 Lb. Frontload Trash Truck Hydraulic Cylinders


Optional higher lift capacity Half/Pack arm cylinders allow you to take on even the toughest commercial routes.

H.A.L.O. Semi- Autonomous Controls

The H.A.L.O. (Heil Autonomous Lift Option) utilizes single-button operation and eliminates multi-control movement, reducing driver input by 82%. Greatly reduces training time & increases new driver productivity. Eliminates accidental unit/cab damage, reducing maintenance costs.

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Connect your refuse fleet for service verification, body/chassis data, fuel tax reporting, and route management. Includes factory installed 3rd Eye Mobile, Radar System, and the ability to connect up to eight cameras.

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Nexteligence® Connected-Tech Training, where knowledge and technology meet. Designed to increase the knowledge and capabilities of Service Technicians for the Heil Product Line.

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